Album Review: RockNYCLive

There is no ending to this soul revival, and Lael Summer is another example of this successful trend. But the singer-songwriter is not exactly new to the scene…read more.

BLueNoteShow Review: BLUE NOTE

“There is magic in new beginnings.” An ailing friend once told Tomas Doncker those sage words and Tomas shared them with us in a hushed whisper at the 8pm Blue Note show . And while it was the only hushed moment in the 80 minute reboot of True Groove Record Label Inauguration come  release party for an astounding three albums, it was no less true for all that.

With a stage packed to overflowing, the Tomas Doncker Band brought the funk, brought the soul, and brought the global and then brought some moew The sheer depth of their repertoire, the band can swing from blues to spoken word, in a heartbeat, was on amazing display…read more


Show Review: RockNYCLiveLael @ Triad Aug.10

Before the first three songs were over at Lael Summer’s showcase performance Friday evening, she had covered funk, soul and blues work outs, and before her 8 song 45 minute evening was complete, Lael would throw in a power ballad and a self help song, in a fine, point making evening of blue eyed soul by a powerhouse singer…read more

Lael Summer - Burden To Bear - disc facePAST EVENTS

September 9, 2013 @ the Blue Note Jazz Club, album release party/True Groove Global Soul launch party:

album “Burden to Bear”


August 10th,2012 @ the Triad Theater NYC, my album release party:

Lael Summer - Jacket Coverfrom the forth coming album “Burden to Bear”

more details on facebook

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